AVATAR 2: The Way Of Water Trailer 2 (2022)

AVATAR 2: The Way Of Water Trailer 2 (2022)

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  1. Possibly it will be another great movie with great effects, good CGI, James Cameron took a long time of 14 years to produce this movie.

    Yes or yes, Avatar 2 must be seen on 3D screens.

  2. Why are there like 5 movies planned of thr exact same thing over and over again aint going to be that different

  3. It's already on Blu ray. .It's already on demand. .Here comes a tv series. .

    And it all stinks. .Just leave it in the past ppl lol

  4. When Jake grabbed Quaritch by the collar and said 'You may know me as Smurf Boy, but it's actually Shtroumpf Man' I cried from emotions, truly the Mona Lisa of our time

  5. fell asleep during the 1st one. I wouldn't watch this if I was in prson for life with nothing to look at but 4 walls. No offence Cameron but NO THANKS ….BORING !!!!!!!!!

  6. I don't think this looks good. Actually, I'm pretty weirded out by earth man impregnating space cat. Also, where is Kevin Costner? Because this looks like a repeat of WaterWorld. I wish Hollywood would stop anthropamorphising aliens. We can't relate to ants and wasps, why should we relate to life on other worlds?

  7. Will it have strong independent female character? Will it represent LGBTQ+ community? If it isn't then why bother? It'll be just another mysogenistic movie produced by a white cis male. Meh

  8. What we all been waiting for is almost here after 13 years!! A worthy sequel I can tell is gonna be epic maybe possibly better than the 1st only the legendary James Cameron can make a better sequel like T2!!👏🏆

  9. Avatar I was one of the few movies that makes you feel you belong in their world. I still vivdly remember how locked up I was after leaving the movie theatre back in 2009. I felt a bit down that I am back to reality, where people misjudge other people, wars, injustice .. etc ..

    I hope we have the same feelings when we watch Avatar II.

    One more thing, $AMC to the moon! 🚀 🦍

  10. " The way of water "? Sounds like ANOTHER stolen concept from " Avatar the last air bender " smh…

  11. हींदीत दाखवा ट्रेलर लवकर रीलीज हो रे वाट पाहतोय. कित्तेक वर्ष वाट पाहतोय कधी दुसरा भाग येईल .आला लवकर येऊ दे 😍😍😍😍😍🥰😍🕉🚩🥰🕉😍😍🥰😍😍

  12. Can't wait to see the continued adventures of all those characters… like wheel chair… or Ripley

    Idk i don't remember any of the characters and neither does anyone else

  13. Sh11111et. It's gonna be a masterpiece. Hell it already is.
    Got shivers and goosebumps all over my body

  14. I Loves Trailer for Avatar 2 Trailer Look Beautiful & I am Excited to Watch Avatar 2 Come Out

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