AVATAR 2 The Way of Water "Na'vi VS Humans Fight" New TV Spot (2022)

AVATAR 2 The Way of Water “Na’vi VS Humans Fight” New TV Spot (2022) Pandora, Sci-Fi Movie HD
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  1. James Cameron wasted the best directing years of his life waiting to produce another garbage Avatar movie. Such a shame after all the true masterpieces of film he made previously.

  2. James Cameron said Testosterone is poison…. 10 ways on how not to get men to watch this…..

  3. Avatar – grossly over-exaggerated movie becoz James Cameron wants people to remember him like George Lucas………..

  4. Love all the people on here saying no one cares about Avatar. This is a James Cameron film that is cutting edge IMAX 3d. So yeah…it will be epic. Counting out Cameron is foolish.

  5. I mean didnt we create a small moon already that blows up planets? pretty sure these guys have stuff like that laying around in the future.

  6. What I have noticed reading the comments, is that the bots are out in full force hyping this 10 years too late movie lol. They must be shitting themselves if they are hiring the most apparent bot farmers I have ever seen.

  7. Let me get this straight, it took 13 years to make the same movie over again…but in water?! Pathetic. Maybe they can show a double feature with Fast & Furious 29. Pass. I can stream it in 6 mos. anyway.

  8. It’s legitimately funny to me to see all the comments about how nobody cares about Avatar in here. If nobody cares then why do y’all keep watching these trailers? Cope harder. 😂

  9. i think people will go see it but it won't do that great in terms of $$$. It won't beat Maverick. I think it'll even lose at the box office due to the insane budget.
    When the first movie came out it was pioneering lots of new cg and 3d glasses techniques so that roped in a lot of people in (including myself) PLUS it was on the back of Titanic somewhat. But most concluded it wasn't script of century or anything, and really nothing more than a simple Dances With Wolves or Last Samurai clone with blue people, and even the 'aliens' were essentially African tribespeople with the same accents and in general the whole effort came across as a surprising underwhelming in many ways.

    Never know, I could be wrong.

  10. What's none sense movie it is ..its carton , who are the workless idle people only time to waste can watch only 🙄

  11. This ultimate globetrotting masterpiece s set to earn 5 billion dollars at box office💥💥💥n become the highest grossing movie of all time ever💓💓💓

  12. No one can stop this masterpiece to become the highest grossing movie of all time ever💓💓💓

  13. Box office n it’s records never fail to fall in love with avatar💓💓💓box office madly in love with avatar💓💓💓

  14. This globetrotting box office emperor be unstoppable at box office💓💓💓celebrations n fireworks in cinemas💥💥💥

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