AVATAR 2: The Way Of The Water Trailer (2022)

AVATAR 2: The Way Of The Water Trailer (2022)

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  1. Hopefully James Cameron can finish with Avatar and make something else, better like he did in the 1980s

  2. A production so long, two US presidents and an entire pandemic has come and gone and it’s still not finished.

  3. What the hell are humans still doing on Pandora? everyone was supposed to be expelled from that world.

  4. Stunning special affects, not sure exactly who or what the "bad guy" is this time

  5. Disney Animation should bring back Super Robot Monkey Hyperforce Go and continue the series with new episodes after the cliffhanger where The Hyperteam and they’re Allie’s against Skeleton King’s Army

  6. Let me guess white man will find something in the water that will make them ritch

  7. Maybe this will make people feel better about movies after the last few years.

  8. In first part, he clapped them Alien cheeks. I’m second part, he gonna have a baby

  9. As soon as he said family..I had terrible flash back from fast and furious…

  10. In honor of the most pointless and late sequel of all time.

    What happens to the cannibal who is late to the party?

    He gets the cold shoulder.

  11. if its 2009 then this is amazing, but we in 2022 games look that good and CGI is old news now. So only goo story can save this movie.

  12. Using context clues, I believe this is a sequel to a movie that came out 13 years ago.

  13. Unimaginable legendary James Cameron the God of filmmaking. Salute from my heart πŸ™πŸ™

  14. There's definitely gonna be a lot of shed tears at this movie. It looks absolutely beautiful.

  15. I'm Ramslee from Hyderabad India,
    Thank you Rapid trailer πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  16. Seems like tailor made for a pure IMAX experience. Magnificent.

  17. I really think that it is so beautiful and so lovely animation movie video in the whole world ❀️

  18. This will definitely challenge cinematography as we know it so we can improve and change for the better. Looks beautiful.

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