AVATAR 2: THE WAY OF THE WATER Official Trailer #2 (2022) Fantasy, Adventure Movie HD

AVATAR 2: THE WAY OF THE WATER Official Trailer #2 (2022) Fantasy, Adventure Movie HD

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, β€œAvatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.

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  1. An unnecessary sequel for an overrated movie. Hollywood sucks and has no creative ideas anymore.

  2. Posthumanism is doomed.
    – Man On Nicholson (in Wisconsin)
    I.D. The Future, YEC we can.

    I think I'll wax as poetic as this James Cameron approved trailer, for a moment.
    In exploring the reaches of imagination and technology, may we add responsibility and a bit more economic realism to the moral narrative recipe? (I swear, bioethicists are with genetics as kids are with play-doh. At least that is their intent. And I believe that is what James Cameron's Avatar is advocating. Posthumanism. I mean, now it's rival genetic concerns who are crushing the human skull with its hands, rather than merely the unthinking machine with its feet. What progress? The pilgrims would be turning in their graves of course. But how did these rival genetic moralities and concerns arise in the first place – as if there are legitimate concerns that are contrary & inherently incompatible with human existence and growth?)

    Look to Special Creation of the Kinds, and the natural distinctions between them. One cannot naturally reproduce by combining the reproductive material cells of an octopus, a jellyfish, a horse, an ape, a human, a bird, a bat, etc. Why? It is not a single natural family tree. It is not only a few. It is animal & plant kingdoms of family trees – of Kinds. And the unity of common echoes in design between them is of metaphysical origin (as are the rational thoughts and choices in your own mind originating from the individual "You").

    This is the distinction between Kind and Species. Bioethicists would be wise to take this into their accounting. You can naturally reproduce between zebra and horse, between species of octopi, between all various human geographical origins, etc. Because those are in-kind – the same NATURAL family trees. Such as Mankind or Humankind. Horse-kind. Sauropod-kind. They originated from the same pairs of creatures. But you cannot successfully reproduce between the Kinds, "as if" There Are natural boundaries in place from forever – outside of an artificial man-made lab (the territory the 21st century is venturing into – beginning with biowarfare virology.)

    I believe people are too quick to discount Moses by trying to make too little of the wisdom, objectivity, and veracity of what was written. Moses, as James Cameron & the writers of this already know, means "drawn from water" or something like that – I was reading about it just a few weeks ago. Maybe it's time for a biblically-creative reassertion of the Prince Of Egypt, 1998, theme. It is as if we all this room for Pandora-level exploration – and very little time, money, society, or room for exploring how the Bible may in fact be correct and within the realm of responsible, wise, kind consideration (even the way of Love and Consistency across time "and space").

    Metaphysics (spirit) and Physics (mathematical predictability) exist in the same Universe. (No need to delve into multiverse if you cannot account for the happenings in this one! Or vast speculations about the reaches of multi-planetary space if you cannot explain all the mysteries of our own solar system, sun and moon. Like how some planets spins are "reverse" or the moon has such little spacedust upon it and how its orbit has not disintegrated.)

    Mankind is very carried away with his own artificial blessings contingent upon & derivative from prior natural designs. We like our technological tools – even more-so when they can tamper & combine with the natural & accomplish lasting structural changes. We reverse engineer nature and merge things creatively. But how were they originally, uh, engineered then in the first place? The statistical probabilities of all the factors that scientists are currently aware of – place these designs originating in nature as beyond what scientists label "statistical impossibility." Not in all the universe, in all the time allotted, with all materials being in necessary conditions. In other words, not normally even worth considering – times millions of examples of design in nature.

    But yet we dream of new natures, don't we? We see the tragedy of this one. Predatory. Parasitic. Involuntary. Difficult. And open to lies, confusions, manipulations, and deliberate treachery. Its competitions seem inherently intolerant to considerations of impartial justice. So we dream of escaping into new forms. Better things. Better than (fill in the blank). Bill Gates dreams of blocking out the sun by tampering with the atmosphere (quite a Darwinian-Malthusian idea if you ask me – impractical and evil and megalomaniacally competitive on SO many levels). Like wow. Hold it, dude.

    What is missing? Is to reckon with God's Laws in a manner respectful of human-kind. One will never ultimately be more generous or graceful with the other creatures than he is with his kin (just cross him and find out, it's the rule of survival). This holds true in the realms of imagination and creativity and future as well. The things we would like & attempt to create by merging this naturally-reproducible kind with other ones and seeing what we can do! (Bioethicists are to genetics as a child is with play-doh, at least that seems to be the contemporary rush. But I am wiser in 2022 than I was in 2009, able to articulate the notions I had when it was still called 2009. And the Keynesian (marxist-socialist) economic collapse is further along going at a faster rate, and our economy of productive human relationships simply cannot sustain such illogical & conflicted fancy that is contingent upon the DENIAL of a metaphysical Creator as the authoritative source of all possible human & natural Unity. The Dragon of Genesis really is opposed to the God of Genesis – and it is a metaphysical debate within the mind & intention & desires of men about the natural order and the structure of its original authorship. The morality of genetics, if you will.) If it is genetics – what are its natural boundaries? If it is love – what is the structure of responsible love within human interactions? If it is technology – what are the structures of its economics and the intentions toward humankind and nature? And if concern for the climate? Why not re-open low-impact Nuclear Power plants, now, as fast as possible – to rescue mankind and aid in mankind making nature a better place to live? What else have we got?

    My blog coming soon.

  3. Knowing how good this movie will actually look, this trailer really shows off how bad YouTube's 1080p picture quality is. The compression is just terrible.

  4. I thought the first one was meh … this looks the same and clocks 3+ hours runtime ….

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