Autograph x SAW Internet Game Trailer

Visit to secure your place in the SAW Games – beginning 10/31.

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Three games. Three traps. Dozens of prizes to die for. Will you come out alive? Play for your life in SAW Games starting October 31. Visit to secure your place early.

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  1. Last year a new company called Autograph came into the NFT space. They have a partnership with Lionsgate and Saw. Saw NFTs were dropped last year (which you see in the video). NFTs are entering into the gamification stage it seems like and the three companies have partnered (Lionsgate/Saw + Autograph + Internet Game).

  2. I wanted to but $49 for 3 game attempts you can never play again for a chance for a ticket you likely wont get feels like a rip off for any franchise.
    I love saw but this ain't right

  3. I need to purchase a $50 Saw Games Pass for a 3 day event, which I only get 3 tries per each mini game/day? I don't know about this one. Also why are NFTs a prize?

  4. i hate 99% of nfts but ones where they just use the technology to make experiences instead of just brain dead twitter profile pictures is probably a good thing and definitely worth looking into more

  5. Everyone serving the very same system that is destroying and corrupting us

    We all work for the masonic symbolic dollar and make the elite richer and richer working for them like ants

    Freedom is an illusion and everyone is a slave

    you are only as free when you realize that….and the material things in this world doesn't really matter

    Only love and spirit can save you

    Life is a game and you are playing weather you like it or not

  6. For everyone asking how you can play.
    You'll need to buy a NFT to play the 3 games. It's just not worth it

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