ASCENDANT Trailer (2021)

Official Ascendant Sci-Fi Movie Trailer 2021 | Subscribe ➤ | Charlotte Best Movie Trailer | Release: 8 Apr 2021 (Australia) | More
Ascendant tells the story of young environmentalist Aria Wolf (Charlotte Best) who finds herself kidnapped and held hostage in a high-speed elevator in a 120-floor building in Shanghai. Aria holds a secret that makes her a valuable asset to many. However, she has no memory of her past, who her captors are or what they want from her. While being pushed to her physical and psychological limits, she begins to discover that what has been hidden within her for so long is what will ultimately be her salvation.

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Ascendant (2021) is the new science fiction movie starring Charlotte Best, Jonny Pasvolsky and Alex Menglet.

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  1. Recycled Hollywood Plot.

    Let me guess, the tag line in the poster is ‘How Far Would You Go to Save The One You Love?’ And the poster is in blue and orange.

  2. Wouldn't hiding power within a being subject to hormonal chemical changes in puberty and then subject those same changes every 30 days or so be a poor choice?