ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Movie HD

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  1. Cannot wait to see this one…may sound like a generic AI come to life film but it's all in it's execution and this one looks good.

  2. Now a days these Sci-Fi 's useless… no value for story and creative… just useless CG and Visual Effects…

  3. Well it's not the Dune trailer but this looks pretty sick. Will be watching 💯

  4. This looks like your pretty generic AI comes to life story. I hope I’m wrong, but it seems like a story that’s been told 40 times already in other books/games/movies

  5. Keep getting flashbacks to 'Replicas', and so many others of the same ilk.
    What is the unique hook?

  6. Looks awesome to me. I can't wait. I'd pay to see stuff like this. Don't know if it will be at theater, but I'm kindof scare to go. So, if they let us rent it online, I sure would.

  7. This Droid looks way better than the AI Sophia… 🤣😂
    But still a metal box issue.. 🤣🤣🤣🙆🏻‍♂️

  8. Still story has done a billion times. Guy loves girl. Girl dies. Guy finds out how. Guy avenges death.. The difference is these are rubbish actors. "Don't let her out under any circumstances" next frame She's out..

  9. Ok I'm in. My type of science fiction. Unless the trailer is the best of it, and the rest sucks. So far though, it seems great.

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