1. As a local who lives near this place. We do not approve of this film because it has taken the actual events out of context.

  2. Yeah, when it says you'll never see it coming, I never believe that. The last time I DID believe that was when I saw Orphan, cause I did NOT see that coming.

  3. This looks like it was fan-made by a famous person's relative as a "favor" for keeping quiet about some unknown sex thing accidentally walked in on six months ago.

  4. Horror movies are hard for me to watch. It either has to be 10/10 excellent or it's just a bore.

  5. I wondered when this was going to be made…. But it shoulda been titled A haunting in or at Preston castle…

  6. y'all gotta do better with the Horror Movies, this looks copy and pasted, didnt even get excited😞

  7. This looks B-movie as fuck, shitty acting, shitty, cinematography, interesting premise. All the ingredients are there

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