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Apologize to the Car

Watch a new episode of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series, streaming tomorrow on Disney+.

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  1. To those still watching this 'show' you're heroes cause I can't 😂
    Edit: but for those who are watching it because they love it, go see a therapist

  2. This is now my favorite episode. Very cerebral, very emotional, and personal. Jen is not only keeping her rage suppressed, shes keeping her She-Hulk in check aswell. You can see how both things are weighing on her. Yet at the same time , finding her moral center at Abominations Resort. ( Tune in next week I guess )

  3. "We already wasted half a Sunday on this expedition-" basically sums up all 7 currently released filler episodes of She-Hulk quite nicely.

  4. Sad we couldn't get a smart show. would have been really nice to have a+ stories instead of silliness. she-hulk could have been a fan favorite and had some real clout with her intelligence like in the comics. I have no idea how they are going to wrap this show up.

  5. Unlike most, who are only looking for dramatic action-packed epic fights, I find She-Hulk attorney at law to be refreshing in its satirical comedic tone. It's different. It's Marvel. It's MCU. Need I say more?

    Excellent vehicle to introduce satirical versions of Marvel characters.

  6. I genuinely feel my life being wasted with each episode I watch. You people who made this trainwreck are embarrassing. A monkey with half a brain could come up with a better story then this

  7. This is another example of why this show is terrible and unwatchable.
    "Apologize to my Toyota Prius Prime… with cash".
    You know, how normal people talk.
    The writing on this show is garbage.
    If only Marvel cared about the product more, they wouldn't be putting out crap constantly.
    Did Feige stop coming to the office or something?

  8. Why's the last two show is so terrible then M.S Marvel and now this it's just keep getting worse why don't you make another show that have Moon Knight quality.

  9. Kinda hated this episode. There isn't much of "she-hulk". and with the whole josh thing , not gonna say what happened. But you can easily figure it out before the episode reveals it

  10. I actually don't hate this show, I know everyone wants a more serious tone with a specific plot direction but I like the idea of a lighter marvel show with humour and episode to episode adventures

  11. Idk who produced or directed this…but it is so bloated with repeated nonsense…the recap..the intro…the end cut scenes…its awful and stale.

  12. As a spanish I really liked El Águila. We are really sick of the stereotype of the matador. And a lot of us are trying to make bullfighting ilegal, and I think that's reflected in him

  13. Guess we are gonna see that therapy group session. Hope to see Doc Samson presiding it.

  14. I'm watching weekly waiting for daredevil to appear but I'm just torturing myself because this show is pure trash

  15. I love that nathan hurd is in this, i recognized his voice instantly

  16. Es la peor serie de marvel con diferencia, no tiene carisma ni nada, es pésima cada capítulo es más feo que el anterior, me hace perder la ilusión por marvel y sus cosas

  17. They posted this clip like this is a great hilarious scene that they’re super proud of.

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