Anya Taylor-Joy on becoming famous during lockdown | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Anya Taylor-Joy talks about The Queen’s Gambit coming out during lockdown and only realising its impact when she landed in New York. Meanwhile, Mo Gilligan challenges Anya to a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors!”

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  1. Smitten since The Witch. Her rare grace and screen presence remind me of Cate Blanchett.

  2. Anya Taylor-Joy unnerves me. She is uniquely beautiful. Otherworldly. Elven-like. Her eyes are bright with intelligence, curiosity, and intensely focused. It's like being ten and seeing a girl for being a female for the first time. If someone were to be said to shine from within, this would be the person.

  3. She's beautiful, funny, and she sounds full of wit. I didn't think I'd wanna watch The Queen's Gambit, but from this short clip, I'm interested.

  4. Well it is official! I am old. I hate what she is wearing, for the reason is that she isn't wearing enough.

  5. ▪︎I don't know what I like more. Graham as a host or Anya as a guest.
    ▪︎The woman sitting next to Anya reminds me of Pattie Boyd (George Harrison's first wife).
    ▪︎If I were a director, I would like to put her together with Viggo Mortensen in a film about The Shakers, the Malvinas war or the war of the Triple Alliance.

  6. Not sure I have been as deeply impressed and smitten with a woman as Ms Taylor-Joy. Im sure she is the kind of person that only comes along once in a generation or two. What an amazing person.
    One can only imagine the lively, fun, and interesting conversations that could be had with her.

  7. Another enigmatic actress, who reads lines like their lines and has no personality but somehow gets roles

  8. Why is she half naked?

    She doesn’t need to be. She’s already so beautiful and talented. 😔

  9. now we wear lingerie on talk shows, not just on stage. lordy. used to a little leg was enough, but she is passe, -as seen – couch right.

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