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  1. Butterflys represent mk ultra proggraming split personalities they are used as a symbol in alot of female hollywood media if u know u know

  2. Guys … it s such a brilliant movie with amazing climax…the only ones hating it are the white supremists 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    that says so much about Americans right now.
    So keep the awful negative comments, you are the vivid obvious point of the movie.

  4. ทำหน้าทำตากันเหลือเกิน คนสันโดดดูง่ายนิดเดียว คนป่วยในฝังร่างนี่สิดูยังไง🤭ชอบมากชอบอย่างอื่นมากกว่า.โทรไปบอกบริษัทสิกูชอบภาพยนต์🤭

  5. i liked it till halfway and thought this plot line is stupid? waited till the end to see if the story kindah came left field and brought it together. By the end I saw it for what it was…Anti-white race baiting finger in the face to whites…especially rural whites. With slick symbolism like when the yoga girl is on her knees getting her stuff while the 2 black girls are standing up. around her..the movie seeks to stir the pot…in a bad way. The movie itself is garbage. By the end youll see it for the cheap attempt it is. In 2020 with all the race crap going on..you see it for what it is…Ironically enough it leaves a person thinking at the end that blacks cant make a movie outside big momma and Friday movies…nothing that involves talent and creativity. Kindah shot themselves in the foot. Who put yall up to this….China?? ..i was hoping it would be a cool time travel type movie…just turned out to be race bait propaganda.

  6. How did the educated lady end up back in time? Did she go to a parallel universe. The movie goes backwards and forwards, I did not really understand it but it was good movie. I'm watching again because It takes me long to get things❤

  7. Why does Hollywood keep churning out slave movies every single year? What's that about? Is it the old trope we should remember lest we forget? That is simply the excuse to keep reminding blk people their ancestors were slaves. If it was really about remembering so we dont forget and it never happens again, why then please somebody tell me why is there no movies about wht people when they were slaves? Seems like they want us to forget that though doesnt it. They want to forget they were slaves while constantly reminding blk people of every generation that their ancestors were slaves. There is a movie called "Cracka" about whts being slaves, wht people went Postal over that movie just hearing about it. It hadn't even seen the light of day yet and whts were pi$$ed, so much so they tried to get it banned. It failed banning but the producer cant get anyone to show it. That was a case of whts not wanting to see themselves as slaves, yet again though we keep getting blk slave movies. I see you Devil.

  8. It was kinda confusing but once I understood what was happening it got so much better and is. Is one of my favorites

  9. The fact that this movie is totally believable is what makes it scary!!!!!!! omg thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad i was patient with it!

  10. Antebellum is One of the Best mind blowing movie I've watched after " ELI " I recommend you to watched it

  11. Yo. I just finished this movie. It was NOT what I expected. I loved it. It left me in disbelief and with NO DESIRE to go to Louisiana whatsoever.

  12. I was really pissed off that the film did not follow the story of trailer. It was a great movie, but advertising it as a time travel film was fucking bogus.

  13. The movie was a perfect combination of Past & Present showcased together & it's so amazing how it grips the audience's attention till the end ! (4/5) !

  14. I’ve never watched it but I can already tell you that the black family gets hunted by the white people in the film. How do I know this? It’s 2021 and everything’s racist