Ancient Alien America | FULL MOVIE | 2018 | Documentary

Native cultures have handed down shocking accounts for generations of Aliens from other worlds visiting Earth in the ancient past and their involvement with them.

Directed by J. Michael Long
Starring Paul Cook, Gordon Rife

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  1. The only aliens to this physical World are angelic. The holy and unholy. The latter is in referral to demons alone.

    Holy is Love, giving of one's heart or evil demanding others to give where they have NEVER merited alone.

    Knowledge is never application bled of the human heart, living to grow. Feels like a dying in you most.

  2. The ancient people called them gods and demons… but let's just disregard our ancestors and call them a-iie-ins.. and they were giants and the offspring of our giant human ancestors (how tall would you be if you lived 900 yrs.. still a teenager at 300??) made the mesa by chopping down giant trees.. we had giant snails and shells now found on mountains instead of the ocean, giant lizards aka dinos aka dragons, giant mammals and giant birds.. but believe the hype.. be like everyone else.. boring and common.. sheep alseep

  3. Anyone who believes this crap really can't be helped. If there really is intelligent life out there in the universe , which I do not doubt , then earth will probably be their very last destination . Whether it was in the past or in the future doesn't matter. Because if these beings should have the ability to overcome space and time, then they also know that there are only idiots here on earth who destroy their environment and solve problems with war. I don't think that any being intelligent enough to understand what's going on here on earth wants to come here. I'm even sure that there is a sign somewhere in the universe with a big arrow pointing to earth and underneath it says: Please make a detour around this planet, the inhabitants are not civilized yet .

  4. Why would they call it devils tower? I know Indians didn't pray to the devil for intervention so were they praying to the aliens? I'm confused I should know about devil's tower but I've never cared about this stuff until a couple years ago and there's much to cover when it comes to these topics surrounding geological history, ancient Egypt and civilizations, aliens etc

  5. USA is only 246 years old, why are all Central and South America countries such shitholes that rely on foreign aid from The United States of America just to feed themselves?

  6. Hey do you have( forbidden planet ). It's an old black and white movie. Thank you for the great shows.

  7. This was the most disjointed rant of nonsense I've heard so far on the subject. The last half of which strayed from the "ancient" focus of it's own title and into random sightings from the 70s, 80s, ect. This is the type of presentation that drags down and tarnishes any credible research into UAPs or theories, and makes the entire community look insane.

  8. 👍🏼 i will get Flagged in my next life for being too Honest😎 the bassturds cant handle the truth🤪

  9. There are so many ancient stories full of interesting details concerning aliens in several civilizations, and they all take place close to the same time. In these modern times no such visitations happen in these cultures. I believe these ancient stories are simply shared ideas of how these cultures explain the origins of existence and the world and the sky and stars and even God the creator. If aliens were so interested in this world's people and openly showed themselves long ago, then why did these visits stop at about the same time? Cultures were most likely losing interest in following these fantastic stories because in truth they were stories, not truth. Any aliens who were honestly including themselves in humanity wouldn't have just stopped their interactions all at once without reasons. As for the existence of aliens? I do believe there were some rare, isolated experiences of people who chanced to encounter actual aliens…there are certain artifacts which clearly depict items of an otherworldly nature and also resembled advanced technology, some of those resemble parts of modern-day technology. It's also remarkable how the tracking of stars was based on complicated mathematics, and these calculations, using physical markers and maps, were sincerely beyond the understandings of these early cultures…this sense of education came from somewhere beyond any civilization on Earth at those times. A select few stories are examples of truthful alien interactions, but the greater whole of stories is made from imagined visualizations of what they believed to be God and the constructs of varied religions and rituals created by leaders and in communities.

  10. Thank you..for these subjects.. Those Mesa's are more likely large tree stumps left from the cutting of mile high trees(Avatar) type..also the African term for the Beings there..Credo M. interviews w/David Icke are also very interesting..these films do exellent digs & present it very well !! Keepem coming! Much Appreciate Popcornflix!♡☆

  11. FAKE NEWS. ANYTHING thats been on the history channel is FAKE NEWS. Yeah sorry to bust your hopes but lets just keep them within reality or what's the point? This guy is telling you what other ppl BELIEVE and things that SEEM TO BE … pay attention. dont let this enter your heads as if they are FACTS

  12. Can anyone say chariots and angels? Sanctity your dwellings before the angels visits… The natives of the Americas is a part of the lost ten tribes of Israel! Just saying!

  13. 4 days to Sabbath
    8 Feb. 2022.
    8 Feb. 2022

    • LoL. Really?
    So all these tells and not one indicatesthese aliens coming from inner space?
    All are nothing more than demostró, set to confunde and distract from the story of Jesús, and to pervert the way to life!


  14. I got Kachina visitation April 2020 by 3 of them..They have returned and the 5th world is on its way.

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