“An Intolerable Situation”: Rashid Khalidi & Orly Noy on Israeli Colonialism & Escalating Violence

U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken is in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories amid an alarming rise in violence, with Israel killing at least 35 Palestinians since the beginning of January. The deadliest incident occurred on Thursday, when Israeli forces raided the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, killing 10 people, including two children — the deadliest Israeli raid in the West Bank in two decades. A day later, a Palestinian gunman shot dead seven people in occupied East Jerusalem, targeting worshipers observing the Sabbath. Israelis living in illegal settlements in the West Bank responded by carrying out scores of attacks on Palestinians as the far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, vowed to make it easier for Israelis to get guns. We speak with Israeli activist and journalist Orly Noy, in Jerusalem, and Palestinian American scholar Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said professor of modern Arab studies at Columbia University.

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  1. Try looking up the 9 Palestinian Terrorists who were being arrested who started this. Try looking up the innocent people killed at the Synagogue by the terrorists. This is a bunch of krap.

  2. Whites go back to their zBorderd Ukraine .zPalidtisn Go zBack To Syrian Israelites go back to Europe Home Land White Arabs go back to Europe Leaved Continent of Africa We Hebrews Isacc Musa People Return home .Ismael Go back to Europe

  3. May Israel continue to colonize it's own historical lands. Sitting pretty whilst the Arab world around Israel is either making peace with Israel and prospering( UAE) or dying in the arse like Syria. The Euphrates River in Iraq is completely dead. Your all gonna have to get your shit if your gonna survive the early 21 st century. Not looking good for millions of people. Yalla.

  4. Jew hating Amy is not satisfied that not enough Jews were murdered in the Jerusalem synagogue

  5. The lion doesn't always win. I think the extreme ring-wing Israeli government will shoot itself in the foot.

  6. The genocide continues in Palestine…. And the USA government support it for 75 years. Great democracy example.
    The first terrorists attack against Palestinians was in 1946 when the criminals looters British empire injected by force the bloody Sionist colonialusts into Palestine territories. Just compare a 1948 map of Palestine territories vs a map of Palestine territories today: those territories have been turned in 2 concentrations camps at the Adolf Hitler style like the nazis usé in Europe in WW2.
    Even those Sionist empire have taken control of the USA government and Congress thru that infamous organization named AIPAC, which has full control of the USA government and the Congress and the media and the money owed for the USA taxpayers.
    USA has turned into the Sionist Farm and the USA taxpayers have turned into the sheep of the Wolf Sionist empire.
    Until when the USA people are going to accept this Sionist colonization of the USA????… Even the First amendment has been hurt because the Sionist empire won't allowed critical opinions inside the USA. Looks how many USA citizens are been hurt because they only express theirs opinions regarding the genocides acting of the Sion empire.

  7. Democracy is a pretext to nonsense as Hitler said keep lying aloud and people will believe it. Just accept each other what they are there will be peace and prosperity.

  8. Amy, next time correct your miss reporting the attack wasn’t in a synagogue that was just what the Zionist media wanted you to report

  9. I wonder if Israel is preparing a plan B, an occupation of some other country in the event Israel is overrun – which they seem weirdly compelled to provoke.

  10. Thank you for bringing Orly on, I’ve been a big fan of her work ever since I first came across it a few years ago

  11. The IDF is a terrorist organization that murders palastanian children every day in the west bank and Gaza strip

  12. Amnesty international has already stated that Israel commits crimes against humanity by murdering palastanian children and destroying palastanian homes and stealing palastanian land

  13. Not surprised that the Palestinian gunman had family members killed by Israeli terrorists, not that MSM ignored this fact.

  14. Palestinians VS Israel
    Americans VS 🇮🇱
    Israel 🇮🇱 always wins.
    We all have come to accept it. You & me even gladly pay billions to Israel yearly. Every child who dies by Israeli bullets is paid for by us. Once the money stops so will these crimes against humanity.

  15. Zionism is racism.
    Isreal wages genocide against the Palestinians people.
    Yet called a racist for telling the truth about Israel and zionism

  16. This is nothing more than a hack job and a complete misrepresentation of what is occurring in Israel.

  17. Иееd аиотнег Ацsтгiаи раiитег.

  18. Isreal is a terrorist entity,it's an apartheid den with evil 😈 Caucasians and so-called jews. The Palestinian people have the rights to defend themselves against terrorist zionism

  19. Dear Christians, this is not Christ like behavior. Please understand your misappropriated ideology. The very term Christian/Judeo is a misleading term, specifically intended that it, implies the Christian beliefs are ideologically aligned with the Israeli land and territory grabbing as being aligned interests. Cristian s please do not let your minds, eyes and hearts be deceived, this is not of the spirit of Christ. There could actually be nothing further from the truth though. Crist would have never endorsed Amy race or religion to claim a superior status over others and take the homes of others. Furthermore these people believe that God is giving them a spiritual reward of the promise land and completely ignore the reality that the promise is granted by those whom walk through this life in the Holy spirit and this are rewarded with heavenly everlasting life in the spiritual realm, not for material gains or benefits or rewards for faith on this earth. So if you consider yourself to be a true believer in Christ then ask yourself if these actors are acting with in the spirit of the Holy spirit or with in some other spirit of worldly material entitlement to gain something of this world in the name of spiritual fulfillment? This is not in line with Christian values, please understand the nuance here and do not allow your minds to be idle and complacent in believing the false that somehow this is ordained by the God of the Bible simply because there are claims made to justify such atrocities against any of God's children.

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