Amish Grace

When a gunman killed five Amish children and injured five others in a Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania schoolhouse shooting in October of 2006, the world media attention rapidly turned from the tragic events to the extraordinary forgiveness demonstrated by the Amish community. Through the eyes of a grieving mother, Ida Graber, and other devastated families, this movie explores the Amish’s astonishing reaction to the horrific shootings – of forgiveness and compassion.



  1. Exactly what I said after seeing this film Susan!! It's interesting that people are easy to condemn another for something so small….and forgive others for such horrible crimes and pain and suffering….my thoughts and prayers go out to all these survivors that choose to move forward after such painful times and heal….

  2. Una hermosa lección sobre el perdón y sobre una relación matrimonial fundada en los mandatos de Dios. Me encantó la película.

  3. The true Amish are very special people. I don't think I could be as forgiving.
    This is the first time I've heard the full story.

  4. The Amish community was helpful and kind to him. He drove the milk truck that collected from them! WHY did he TARGET Amish school and girls, and not the public school? He was an aberration

  5. WOW what a WONDERFUL lesson in forgiveness.
    Thank you JESUS for your sacrifice and forgiveness the BEST example ever!
    God Bless everyone that watched this movie and allow us all to forgive one another.
    Have a Great day and be READY for HIS return! Ask for HIS forgiveness and ask HIM into your heart/life make HIM your SAVIOR!!!

  6. Part of me likes the simplicity of there lives… gives off big little house on the prairie vibes… but I don't like there culture and how controlling and toxic it is

  7. Shunning those who leave the fold can in no way, to my mind, be seen as Christian. It happens all the time because humans are prone to make judgments, but we have to try to do better than that. Prayer is stronger than our prejudices and hatreds.

  8. The loss of a child has destroyed so many homes and so many people have lost their faith in love and the beauty if family. This movie touched my heart

  9. I love this movie! Forgiveness isn't forgetting, or a feeling, it's choosing to forgive! Not forgiving is like drinking poison & expecting them to die! It eats you up & those around you! GOD bless

  10. Brother Amish said it true: we think it's only Faith when things are going good for us. Faith grows when things are hard. I must have Great Faith cause my life has been turmoil my entire life.

  11. I have watched this movie maybe a 100 times, And reminds me nightly, I have to forget my daughter. I miss her so terribly.

    I love her to the moon and back.

  12. One thing about the Amish I don't get is if they live by God's example and can forgive a man for murdering innocent girls, then why do they shun the ones that choose to leave? That's not God like and being an example of the love of Jesus

  13. Wonderful movie and insightful message. Already love the Amish for many other reasons, this just adds up in a big way. This true story, and I double check, it is, illustrates perfectly no matter how unfair it may seem, you can never give in into anger and resentment, while absolutely natural and justified to feel, you can't let those feelings settle in you without paying the price for it, ravaging you and your life, punishing yourself for something you didn't commit, you got to let them go and forgive for your peace and well-being and the love you deserve as those around you, even more in such circumstances. It feels counterintuitive but it is how you contribute best to the expansion of well-being and love and the regression of hate and evil acts. You don't react to life but you learn to step back and make conscious choices to create the life you deeply want to live and desire in alignment with God. This is powerful and very clear at the same time.

  14. I hurt every time I see children suffer. It rips at my sole. My daughter was nearly taken from us at age 8 by a drunk driver who had offended three times before and yet He was allowed to continue to drive. My own compassion and ability to forgive is not and would not be as strong as there was. However, I do not hold nearly as much anger at the drunk or the gunmen as I do the political establishments that make money off propagating this broken system that fosters Hate, Fear, and pain. It was not the car no more than the bottle or the gun that brought the pain to them or my family, It was the people and yet they will demand you blame the inanimate object rather than the broken system that does not fix the growing mental helth problem and the rising crime rate that is spurred on by week laws and horribly lax justice. The courts now represent the guilty and leave the victims voiceless. I pray every day for those suffering at the hands of such hate.

  15. Take time to read the book Saving Grace – I live in Lancaster County Pa – the whole community came out Weither it be Amish ,Mennonite and English – there is also a book written by on the Responders of that day – many months after people wanted to find the sight – I told them they didn't need to see it – let them have their peace and privacy- As they say in their community It was God's plan

  16. This is how these things should be handled….both sides who lost were suffering….by gods grace they knew it did no good to hate…especially when both lost….

  17. I may be wrong but I think this man used an excuse "angry with god" his real issue could've been fighting hidden urges of pedophilia…he brought things with him in order to violate….and only took the girls….idk I think there's underlying pedo in there….he kept it hidden in fear of god, the church and his family rejection….the plan to violate them doesn't fit with just being angry, otherwise he'd just kill them…the crime makes no sense but insanity never does…it's sad…..the forgiveness here is as powerful as the hatred but in a positive way….it makes our hearts beat with much love for everyone, not just those we love…..we should always look into someone when they Hurt us, there's usually an underlying cause….it makes us not hate , but pity….

  18. Sing this movie it reminds me that once a person is visited by that kind of violence there's really no way back I'm reminded of a poem that which does not kill me only makes me stronger

  19. I'm 65 I'm 57 years old now I should have died three or four times in my life I'm still here because I'm a fighter and always will be not because of some powerful forcing the universe anybody that believes in God is a fool and should be treated as such

  20. I remember when this happened this was such a heartbreaking time. It's amazing the power that they had to forgive. Forgiveness is something I've been struggling with. I lost my mom 10 years ago to whichever those and 2 years ago I lost my little brother to a drug overdose and forgiving to people that were giving him the drugs has been the hard part and I don't even think I really completely forgiven them. I know I got to though because I cannot let my heart become a battleground between Love and hate. I just wish they would take accountability for their actions.

  21. The best movie ever it made me think twice about forgiving those who have done damage to our hearts and souls. Bless the Amish

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