1. my guess is after all this time, he's not gonna be caught. either he's in perfect hiding out of the country or he's dead.

  2. After this mans portrayal as wendy byrde brother he’s on my watchlist. Anything he is on will def be watched by me. Underrated AF

  3. I’m glad Tom isn’t phoning in performance like a lot of actors do in these Saban films. He looms
    Like he is going g to give a great performance and not just looking for an easy paycheck.

  4. The part when Tom says “it’s over anakin, I have the high ground” made me cry goosebumps

  5. Jackie Weaver’s career has gone from strength to strength since that zoom meeting. She’s definitely got authority now

  6. Oh, wow, they made a movie about a notorious criminal who is still on the lam. That's a bold move. However, it does bring more attention to him, so gonna make it harder for him to hide. Might be smart.

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