American Fighter (2021 Movie) Official Trailer – Tommy Flanagan, Sean Patrick Flanery

AMERICAN FIGHTER – Watch on Digital and On Demand May 21st! Tommy Flanagan, Sean Patrick Flanery, George Kosturos

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Desperate for cash to save his deathly ill mother, college wrestler Ali (George Kosturos, AMERICAN WRESTLER: THE WIZARD) enters the hidden world of underground fighting. Ali shows promise but, lacking skills, he gets beaten bloody. Duke (Sean Patrick Flanery, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS), a troubled handler, takes pity on the boy and trains him to be a fierce competitor—but is it enough to make Ali a winner? Based on a true story, this gritty action tale also stars Tommy Flanagan (“Sons of Anarchy”).

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  1. This story was a good one. Unfortunately the set and clothing designers were way off lol. There were lots of modern clothing, haircuts and small details that were decades after the time era setting in the early 80s. There were several scenes of modern style alcohol bottles, cargo shorts at knee length and clothing styles that simply didn't exist then. In one fight scene a few people had modern sneakers on. Just terrible. For me it ruined the movie since I grew up during the early 80s. Honestly I was waiting to see a cell phone scene lmao

  2. Oooooh God, Movies like this it's still all the same, same Story, same fights, same training, all the same. Movies like this is only the copy of Bloodsport, nothing more.

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  4. Seems like a good story line but not gonna watch, the main character looks out of place. Seems like he belongs on stage as a Justin Beiber background dancer than a fight movie. The main character should look more scruffy and not looking like he's waiting for his next hair appointment by his stylist. Storyline doesn't match the character's appearance.

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