1. Looks like they're starting to build up Patriotic war movies again so they can start another invasion before the end of this decade.

  2. How the fuck are you gonna make a NAM movie and use the wrong AK's and M-16's? thats a really big fuck up LMAO.

  3. Both Aaron Eckhart and Jonathan Rhys Meyers needs better roles, both is good actors and deserves more, not this B-shit movies with lame ass effects

  4. Hi. The sentence THEY FIGHT FOR THEIR COUNTRY is for the Vietkong, the USA-Soldiers or for the Hollywood personel involved in this film?

  5. Like, Ekhart, I'm sorry, I'm a fan, but, this represents everything that's wrong with movies and shows right now. This overly produced, shitty cgi, washed out colors, brainless story crap that's dominating in the industry because it caters to the lcd and a safe bet to make some money. Awful 🙁

  6. Oh, a story that's only been told 10,000+ times and shitty special effects … it's like a really bad video game.

  7. What do you expect when dropping the equivalent of 600 Hiroshima bombs on them… always playing the victim card America.

  8. "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." —Anonymous

  9. Since the book was TAKEN, they should have sent Liam Neeson. He has a particular set of skills in retrieval operations.

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