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  1. I am from coatbridge. This is Lanarkshire at it s best. I was friends with Elaine c Smith when I was twenty. We were all friends in 1977. I also knew Johnathan Watson who is the double of my brother. A very troubled family not mine, but all too honest and then you have trouble.

  2. Catchy will be sadly missed her and Colin and fantastic but my favourite is christine, she reminds me of my grandmother, she has the best comebacks and lines in my opinion. 😊 Can't wait for series 6 on Wednesday BBC2

  3. There's absolutely no chemistry between Michelle and Alan lol its like she's his carer ffs

  4. No Cathy ! , thank god I hate that character….she’s amazing at at what a shame she’s quit !

  5. Can't believe Cathy (Doon Mackichan) is being written out.
    Big mistake in my opinion..won't be the same

  6. I've just read Cathy won't be in the next season as she's quit! Noooo!!! She makes the show, she's hilarious ☹️

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