All NEW Power Rangers Universe REVEALED | Netflix Films & Series

Hasbro & eOne talked about bringing in an all New Power Rangers Universe. Let’s breakdown the three different content we’re getting on Netflix – an interconnected Power Rangers shows, films, and some kids programming.

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  1. Thumbs down! Bla bla blab will not stop rambling on and on. Rather than just simply explain the point and facts about the show. There are some channels with legitimate scripts and well presented. Then there is this type of garbage all over YT. All users want to know is basic information about announcement about a single Power Rangers reboot show. And it better be nothing like racist Power Rangers we have had all these years. The entire reason I have never watched any single or even half an episode of Power Rangers ever. So hopefully they make something more like Power Rangers should have been from the beginning – which is actual real greatness like Super Electron Bioman.

  2. They need to stop using Toei characters and do all new characters with unique designs and not old designs.

  3. I would also love to see them adapt different Power Rangers based off Super Sentai that was never seen in the west.

  4. The thing is most people that watch Power Rangers these days are Adults so it really questions what he means by non kid shows?
    I would love to see a Power Rangers show that has a lot of horror and maybe some supernatural stuff.

  5. Plz not the 2017 movie designs!!! anything but that. that shyt was horrible

  6. New universe does not mean not using source material from before.
    That shit movie was a “new universe”
    It’ll still be a super sentai style show. Probably based off Mighty Morphin

  7. Good luck to the West. Toei tried to connect their heroes into a whole universe, they failed, there isn't a new movie for years now, so I'm interested in this.

  8. congrats I believe we will finally do it PRCU!!!!!what would be nice is to adapt the super sentaI properly yes I know what was said but one can hope right???

  9. If you think Liberals won't ruin this you probably need more life perspective

  10. How powerful would Goku be if he was a power ranger that also has the power of the speed force from detective comics and also becomes a gamma mutated hulk how powerful would that version of Goku be?

  11. I think they may make Power Rangers shows for all ages, with the new universe being aimed at adults while continuing to work with Toei to make new shows aimed at kids (that is, if they continue to be partners).

    It's like Transformers, with Cyberverse aimed at kids and the War For Cybertron Trilogy being aimed more at older audiences.

  12. Let me say this, they're cutting ties to toei , not useing super sentai or saban brand power rangers so Disney is out . sooo what rangers are they gonna use besides the comic rangers. They've literally said they're not useing any rangers that saban or the super sentai have used through the yrs. Honestly if it wasn't for saban THERE wouldn't even be any rangers to begin with. No mmpr , no zeo no turbo no in space no nothing. So what team of rangers can you possibly create without useing something from the past? This seems like it's gonna go downhill. Fast.

  13. Sentai are always having a cross over movie, nearly every year.
    It really surprises me that saban never caught onto that…. even ended up wasting the 100 battle. 🤷‍♂️

    We've known for a while they want to make their own rangers, which gives them more freedom in what they can do, as long as its better than the last power rangers movie… I'll be happy.

  14. Just make 1 good show first then let it grow the new move was supposed to be a 3qual and look how that worked out

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