1. Why did they have to make little mermaid African American Tf? Doesn't even look like the little mermaid we all know and love 🤦‍♂️

  2. "OMG National Treasure doesn't have Nick Cage in it. Its gonna be garbage". – Seriously the man is almost 60. The first film came out 18 years ago and Cage was already old. He could be playing Jon Voight's role at this point.

  3. Not a single new story line in any of them. All remakes, re dos or sequels of a sort. Has hollywood and the entertainment run out of writers with an original story of their own?

  4. SHE-HULK is possibly the worst marvel series ever, but still, it's so surprising that they come up with one of the best trailers for it

  5. All of the animated projects got me excited the most at D23, especially Disney’s Wish, Pixar’s Elio and Pixar’s Win or Lose. I’m looking forward to Strange World and Elemental as well 👌

  6. For the most part they all look awesome and I’m really excited about several of them BUT…. Disney is starting to lose its “movie” magic!!!! It’s very upsetting!!! I grew up, as well as my kids looking forward to seeing what Disney had in store for us at the theaters every summer and then again at Christmas. Now it’s all streaming bullshit!!! (Excuse the language). Hocus Pocus 2 would make a KILLING at the box office!!!!! WTH?!!!!!!! As would The Little Mermaid (live action)!!!! I love Disney but they’re losing their magic!!! VERY disappointed!!! 😢😢😢

  7. Here's an idea: come up with something new. I know, shocking, groundbreaking, daring. Come on this is all retread. Try anything, anything new, as in not seen, unknown until now, novel. Take a Fing chance with something Disney.

  8. 🐓I get paid–>🐔The Company gets paid–>🐣Then the Company pays you.🐤Thats how it works in the USA. Anything else would be considered illegal, from Disney.🍳Actors will just fake their deaths eventually anyways.🎭

  9. Hell hath frozen over! The Pandering Woke era of Disney Entertainment has a Conservative actor in one of it's movies…almost makes up for changing Ariel

  10. Soo looking forward to Secret Invasion, Willow, Hocus pocus 2, little mermaid, Andor, Dienchanted and Percy jackson❤

  11. My favorites were The Mandalorian, Secret Invasion, Werewolf By Night and…… Peyton Manning acting ?? I didnt see that coming haha.

  12. 25 minutes of back to back trailers with literally no new concepts, only remakes, sequels and spin offs

  13. Lighting a black candle from a shop that sells magic stuff. Yeah, I don't believe in magic and not even I was that dumb as a kid.

  14. The problem with Disney is they try to be "woke" but they don't actually understand what it means.

  15. Why didn't they keep making content for children? Disneyfication of all franchises is a crime.

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