Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

– “If we clear all the games, can we return to the real world?” –

This mega-hit survival drama starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya and directed by Shinsuke Sato has been widely anticipated across the globe. Now, the long-awaited continuation of the series that reached the Top 10 in at least 70 countries worldwide is finally set to stream! Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) try to unravel the mysteries of Borderland to return to the real world. In a place they believe holds the key to uncovering these mysteries, they meet allies, enemies, and the mastermind behind all of the games. Arisu and the others pit themselves against games of a scale and difficulty that exceed the first season. The remaining games are only the Jack, Queen, and King cards, but will they be able to collect them all and return to the real world? The hugely popular series that astounded the world returns with even more thrills and excitement!

The Netflix Series “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 starts streaming worldwide on December 22, 2022, only on Netflix!


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Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The games are deadlier, this world more wild and cruel; but will Arisu ever make it back to the real world — and will it be worth everything he’s lost?



  1. just finished this season and i have to say my expectations were fully fulfilled and i'm hyped for season 3

  2. The fact that it follows the Manga, not only that but introduced new games, it is insane, I highly recommend for those who love thriller and fantasy

  3. omg i experienced this in my dream rn I thought it was real it felt so long. I cried when I woke up its so scary

  4. Netflix has cancelled 92 shows since 2016, that's 13 shows a year Writers, Actors and Directors have put their lives into.

  5. Alice in borderland is the father of squid game. It's out of my mind how this awesome series is so underrated🥺❤️

  6. Just finished it, fun fact I didn't even know that a series like this even existed… I got it only because the new season was trending at the top1 on netflix and i wanted to watch anything. I watched the first season like 3 days ago ep by ep and i was stunned….so amazing experience. After i started with the 2nd season and now im here after watching the whole series and I can only tell, that from all series I have seen on netflix this one was the best one. This is actually amazing one, but I have problems with 7th ep it made me in half dont want to watch anymore cause it looked weird and its not even about what happened there, but HOW. Then in 8th ep the last one i got the positivity back cause ep7 was too much at some certain point to me, but I havent read the manga, so maybe thats how should it be.

    I just wanna say, that whoever made those games is a freaking genius…it was so deeply processed without any cap. Some rules were genius, squid games can suck AIB d thing. I was watching and thinking about all of the games and i was so impressed that anybody can made something so good, some games were so psychological based basically playing with ppl life essence and soul. The games were looking at the beggining so simply easy, but then when you were processing it and think about more the psychical and logical part you started to be hella impressed. Idk which game is my fav, but part at the jail/prison was so pog with our lovely white hair king ;D

    I'm sad that it prolly wont get 3rd season, I think it should get 3rd season and end on it, but maybe 3rd season with different characters? It would be a cool restart thing ;p, but i highly doubt, netflix dont give a shit most of time lmao.

  7. Netflix, if you don't make a season 3, we'll know that you lack imagination and you're not worth it. If you can't continue a good series due to manga ending

  8. I just started this show and got iffy about it because I hated squid games but I actually enjoyed it

  9. One of the best series I have ever seen before..🙆🙆
    But didn't like the ending..😐😐
    Please make season 3 we want it so much..🙏🙏

  10. I finally ended watching this amazing show and everything about this is just hilarious but badly wants karube and chota to be alive

  11. Everything about season 2 is just awesome and chisiya need to play more games (his swag made all games worth watching)

  12. Japan has been great with kinda Genre, gory and game ….AIB SO FAR THE BEST EVER…NOT JUSTNA GAME BUT AN EXPERIENCE……..

  13. Other works featuring actors and actresses from this drama.
    ⚠︎It's all subtitled on Netflix.
    ⚠︎Some of them have only English subtitles.

    Alice (Kento yamazaki)
    ・The Door into summer

    Usagi(Tao tutiya)
    ・Rurouni Kenshin

    Chishiya(Niziro murakami)
    ・Rurouni Kenshin

    Chota(yuki morinaga)
    ・Talk survivor

    Calbe(Keita machida)
    ・Prince of legend
    ・Cherry magic

    Niragi(Tori sakurada)
    ・Good Morning Call

  14. Just completed the whole season and I definitely loved it more than the Squid game. Its ending is what shook me and I was pumped even at the end of the last episode. This is by far my favorite series of all time and I can watch it again. I can't imagine it's not as popular as the Squid game.

  15. This drama was lit the end shocked me 👀💖 How Can This Be not noticed by many mannn !!!!!

  16. Best part is despite being in life or death situation some women characters have time for make up.😄

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