Albuquerque’s Muslim Community Mourns 4 Killed as Suspect Arrested, Calls for Counseling & Support

Police say they have arrested a primary suspect in the recent killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Authorities say Muhammad Syed, 51, committed at least two of the killings and may have been motivated by anger that his daughter had married outside of her branch of Islam. The four victims are Mohammad Ahmadi, Muhammed Afzaal Hussain, Aftab Hussein and Naeem Hussain. We go to Albuquerque to speak with Samia Assed, human rights activist and organizer, who was the host of a memorial Tuesday night at the Islamic Center of New Mexico, Albuquerque’s longest-standing and largest mosque that at least three of the victims had attended. She discusses the increased police presence in the Muslim community and the suspect’s own identity that contradicted initial assumptions that the killings were anti-Muslim hate crimes. “With this perpetrator being Muslim, I just want to say violence is not exclusive to the Muslim community,” says Assed. “It shouldn’t be a judgment call on who we are.”

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  1. Good thing this wasn't an anti-muslim hate crime. I can sleep in peace.

  2. A Muslim submits himself entirely to God Almighty and does not involve his foolish ego to come between his emotions and goals towards God and Humanity.

    The killer was not a practicing Muslim as the Quran has clearly stated over and again that “Life is Sacred” and that “Saving one life is like saving humanity.” Quran also does not ever say to kill those who believe slightly or differently from one—Good Christians do not follow the Deuteronomy command of getting rid of people who worship a different god or way from one. Similarly, good Muslims do not go around shooting people with whom they disagree.

    Atheists have the largest statistics of mass shooters—and serial killers—those who left their original religions to follow their emotions and ego’s call.

    Many condolences for the hurting families who could not have known the killers’s typical -killer rage that all killers have in common.

  3. And if USA Muslims, following their 2nd. amendment right, arm themselves they would be treated as terrorists???

  4. MH has all gentiles filled with fear 😨 trimbling and confusion. Just like that old man who thought that those people were going to kill him at the lake while tubing and he stabbed and murdered those 4 people APTTMHY May The King 👑👑 Reign ♾️ forever ♾️♾️. Gentile's why do you think all of this chaos is happening over the four corners of the Earth 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Zionist Amy Goodman pretending to care about Muslims killed. Hey Amy, do you know how many Palestinians killed by your Jewish state Israel recently ?

  6. He Must be VAHABE Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 they are doing that Around wold!!!Daesh VAHABE !!!supports by Saudi and turkey 🇹🇷 tOO !!!

  7. why erased my comment, Democracy Now? now I knew you are liberal biased media, FU, and good bye.

  8. I can't believe they couldn't find a yt perpetrator for their agenda to make sense.

  9. I knew from the start it was another peaceful Muhammad who did it! After all the religion of peace tells muslims to kill muslims who live among infidels.

  10. Honor Killing. These were not my words, but a person I met had said they are in America now and they should leave that stuff back in their home country. It was a different Honor killing. Yet some things are tradition. Like hooked on cigarettes. A hard habit to break. Religion, right! Go to heaven, go to hell. Do the right thing and damn yourself or damn yourself going the other way. Third option?

  11. Yeah they talk about democracy and then they want sharya law for their community in the USA 🇺🇸
    Wow and of course they don’t stand for Israel

  12. It absolutely SHOULD be a judgement call, are you insane? Don't glide over the facts, you cant solve a problem pretending the issues relevant arent there. They were quick to try to spin it into an "anti-muslim" hate thing, and trying to say they arent a divided religion is false and absolutely designed to allow for more presence than the facts indicate we should be accepting. We wont be a peaceful nation if we sit idly as they come here and bring that state of being here, the very one they came here to flee… A heightened law enforcement presence is purely for show, these people, like many others of every race, nation, and creed, do not openly discuss and share their personal issues with and among one another, much less outsiders. Islam has been divided for centuries. Sufism, Babaism, Shiite, Sunni… all with ample evidence of murderous and heinous behavior. Once, in days of yore, Islam was the forepoint of many of our societal advances. That ended sharply, pointedly, even before the Crusades began. Islam and progress, including any real hope of peace, are mutually exclusive. Recognze the facts, THEN address the issue.

  13. Ban knives now! Oh… they used guns. Well, after guns are banned we need to ban knives because they will then be the new most-used murder weapon!

  14. Every American Muslim I know insists "We're all the same, one religion undivided." They refuse to see not everyone is as kind and charitable as they; like most mainstream Christians insist the Church is one body in Christ undivided, as if we have not had shootings in churches. We have sectarian violence, some of us encourage it, we are supposed to be a secular nation where everyone is free to believe and worship as they choose, yet we have churches playing politics and politics playing favorites with religion. And more unregulated guns.

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