Air Force One is Down | Part 2 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2013 | Action, Thriller

Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One Is Down PART TWO!
In Part 2: After Air Force One is sabotaged and sent plunging into the Mediterranean, President Harriet Rowntree, White House correspondent Francesca Romero and an exiled British diplomat find themselves prisoners in a remote castle hideaway. The message to the United States—free Serbian dictator Arkady Dragutin from prison within twelve hours or the President will die. As the relentless Captain Fergus Markey struggles to find the kidnappers’ lair, time is running out, and the nature of survival will be tested to the limit.

Watch PART ONE if you missed it!

John Denis
Niall Leonard
Alistair MacLean


Directed by Cilla Ware

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  1. Jjji que desilusion la tipa le salio🐦..eso MISMO vi cuando fui a Roma, estaba sentada en una Fuerte y asi al lado MiO habian dos tipas🐦🐦besando🤮.Asi es Roma muchas Bellas Artes, por doquier, y de repente te encuentras.🐦🐦se le quita todo el glamour a la Ciudad Eterna

  2. The scene that got me was the last one the girl on girl talk she used to escape from another mission 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  3. air force one is down is a great movie emilie de ravin is very hot and sexy and has a hot body and great boobs popcornflix aways has great movies

  4. lol that lockpicking scene at the beginning. let's do it the hard way, let me hold you up with one arm, and hold us both up with the other, instead of holding your hips up with my legs, and both of us with BOTH arms.

  5. By starting a new war in Serbia…By assassinating the Russian cabinet, with the world in crisis & ethnic wars in Russias backyard there'd be panic in Moscow, a strong man steps in to restore order and everyone's grateful

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