Air Force One is Down | Part 1 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2013 | Action

Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One Is Down PART ONE!
In Part 1: After Air Force One is sabotaged and sent plunging into the Mediterranean, President Harriet Rowntree, White House correspondent Francesca Romero and an exiled British diplomat find themselves prisoners in a remote castle hideaway. The message to the United States—free Serbian dictator Arkady Dragutin from prison within twelve hours or the President will die. As the relentless Captain Fergus Markey struggles to find the kidnappers’ lair, time is running out, and the nature of survival will be tested to the limit.

Watch PART TWO here:

John Denis
Niall Leonard
Alistair MacLean


Directed by Cilla Ware

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  1. Pretty good people get used to those unlimited budget films and try to read everything by that standard it's a great movie

  2. 🤣😂🤣, FX Team definitely
    could have done better with
    the area on the warcriminal’s
    Place in arm where he cut out
    the tracking device.

  3. Hey give the pilot back manual control fools. PC should not have total control fly air craft. It is not a drone.

  4. @22:51 unaccounted for explosion of the house belonging to a teck or any member on base that was servicing the aircraft I would cancel all its flights of AF1 sorry I know its hollyweird not trying 2 rain on the parade. But sec is sec no matter how vague making the call can make the difference and @ 1:22:24 emptying magazines into the air that lead must come down somewhere…there is actually stats on that

  5. 🍿😬 I love popcorn, but the kernels get stuck in my teeth…
    Airfarts 1 ✈️ has a number 2 💩 in Joe Biden's diaper 👋🤪🧷

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