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  1. Mel taking a page out of the Bruce Willis playbook. Probably got an easy $1 million for 1 or 2 days work. I'm sure he's in the movie for less than 10 minutes, too.

  2. Mel Gibson: "You should just fuckin' smile…and interrogate that guy!" Wow, I have truly lived too long. I have seen Mel Gibson come back to Hollywood.

  3. More actor firearms training would be cool. Mel has been doing this since the 80s and has got some interesting support hand choices. Armorers and trainers need to push hard.

  4. Cool idea. Love clandestine spy shit. But holy crap does this looks ugly. The cinematography is dull and uninspired.

  5. I can't believe they are still making films with that horrible blue cast.
    It renders a film unwatchable for me.
    It's a reliance on bullshit.
    Gloria, The Conversation & the French Connection didn't need it & nothing looked more
    realistic than those movies.