Abdullah Al-Arian on First Middle East World Cup & Western Media’s “Orientalist Outlook”

As the 2022 World Cup plays out in Qatar, the first Arab country to host the major sporting event, we speak with history professor Abdullah Al-Arian, who says the international media is projecting an “Orientalist outlook” in its coverage of the games. Al-Arian says despite mainstream discourse, football in the Middle East has historically been used by nationalist movements as “a means of organizing collectively on the basis of achieving their own liberation against colonial rule.” His recent New York Times opinion piece is “Why the World Cup Belongs in the Middle East.”

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  1. “To kill and kill and kill”
    Israel’s view is that if it ever stops killing Palestinians it will cease to exist. This is because it is engaged in a demographic war to maintain a regime founded on ethno-racial dominance.

    As Israeli government adviser Arnon Sofer put it a year before Israel’s 2005 withdrawal of its soldiers and settlers from the interior of the Gaza Strip, “If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.”

    “If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist,” Sofer said. “The only thing that concerns me is how to ensure that the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.”

    As the traumatized survivors of Israel’s successive assaults on Gaza can attest, Sofer meant what he said.

  2. How can you ignore all corruption, but declare soccer as a medium for people to come together, while so many are actually excluded?
    Noone in the West wants to see theire national team win this Worldcup

  3. The air conditioning required to play in these countries will contribute to environmental problems

  4. Thanks democracy now for being more objective and reporting the news and not taking part in steering it

  5. Thanks Amy, as always, for your program's objective narrative. This guest that you just interviewed should be recognized as as a legendary individual.

  6. Democracy Now invites such fascinating guests, people rarely seen on mainstream media, people who bring a scholarly point of view to their exchanges. Thank you, Democracy Now.

  7. Can we also scrutinize and convict US companies who's using cheap laborers in India, China, Bangladesh working in horridness working conditions?

  8. Hey Muslims, Christians , Jews in the middle east. We are western democracies. You should not follow your lord and obey us or else! We command you to adopt rectum sex and alcohol even though it can cause cancer, injuries and are harmful. Just like when you trusted us when we promoted cigarettes in Hollywood films. We sent you Liz Cheney threatening you before. Next time we will discuss with you the benefits of incest, bestiality and necrophilia. Stay tuned!

  9. This guy's just an apologist for the potentate of Qatar! Centcom is based in Qatar, Qatar's not anti-imperialist! Qatar has zero left or progressive credentials!

  10. Democracy Now is pushing all the Western propaganda against Iran, just like the corporate/Mockingbird media!

  11. The West should be utterly embarrassed at its naked raw hypocrisy, arrogance, and double standards.

    The degree to which the West feels comfortable trying to embarrass an Asian country with it's non stop virtue signaling and attempts to put politics into a major sporting event just stuns me. Because none of these people would do this for Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq and protest against the US, UK, NATO and all their human rights violations in those countries.

  12. I'm not sure it's always the best idea for journalists to be asking soccer players about the social and political issues associated with the country they had no hand in choosing as host of a major international sporting event. International sports events can help build cultural bridges but do we really need to hear from the athletes? Surely it is the decision makers in FIFA who need to be probed and at length as to why Qatar was chosen as the host country.

  13. This world is full of hypocrites. America is hugging up Saudi Arabia yet they are one of the worst when it comes to human rights.

  14. That’s because America is founded on European colonial racism, ownership of women, and corporate exploitation.

  15. Never mess with national flags! It’s not like the United States is all that innocent! Such hypocrisy.

  16. Democracy Now couldn't get the Regime Change Propaganda out of this Analyst, i wonder for who do they make Anti Russia, Syrian and Iranian Propaganda?

  17. this progressive washing terrorist funders, and protectors known as the Qataris, thats not just me saying it, the united Staes government says it, the ap says it, Reuters says it, I says it, progressive washing terrorists, good job wetsht now

  18. lol this terrorist totally wants to blame Americans and British for Arabs being sc/ummy genocidal terrorist


  20. As a Zoroastrian Persian, I'd like to add that Īrān = Land of Arya (Aryan); Now, Ayran = Ayatollah's Iran; Even i call the current regime Ayran; As long as that flag is represented by that Islamic symbol/logo in the middle; it is Ay-ran (Ayatollah's Iran). ✨🌍✨ shouldn't be called Īrān until all the innocent prisoners are released, and the Protestors and Children are respected.

  21. You should support women's rights in your own country where women are raped every 15 mins. Many face domestic abuse and murdered!. US meddles in every country. How about childrens rights and women's rights in Palestine, where no days goes by without isrealis shooting children or kidnapping them and prisoning them in their dungeons .
    Or the rights of women and children in Yemen where you are supporting daily bombing of Yemenes by Saudi?
    America is not In. Any position to talk about human rights when they have blood of innocent ppl from nations of the world on their hands.

  22. It's kind of racism where a upstart is condemned in a imperial monarchist ruled Europe. UK Scandinavia and other small principalities in Europe.

    They are clearly showing double standards. If someone talks about worker rights they are called liberal left or communist.

    It's kind of scary the way narrative is hijacked.

  23. Whatever happened to that SA victim who fled the country to escape being arrested and publicly lashed for being r*ped?

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  25. Ive lived in that part of the Middles East, they literally trap Pakistanis, Indians, Bengalis and who knows who else on false work visas and they shuttle them out to camps post dark so they cant integrate into society. Those oil countries are some of the biggest modern slavers.

  26. I don't think America stoodby when black lives matter movement and other movements protests escalated. Is outright hypocrisy to tell the Iranian government to watch on as properties and lives are been attacked. We know how police reacts when a single police is attacked in America.

  27. Also as the USA captain said you learn when you travel. If you make your mind sitting at home and learn nothing physically you don't know what it is like to be in that place. Human rights matter,choice matters but this cannot be selective. Hypocrisy should never prevail.

  28. who are all these football players = they dont even look like they are from these countrys

  29. For How LONG you are making progress about that???.????😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹👈

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  32. Thanks for the uploads. Can you please raise the volume? Switching to this it was so so quiet then at the end I was startled by the next video.

  33. We Are not colours ! We Are human beings ! Stop That black white questions all medias worldwide! You can ask the same without being a resist too!!! It’s question of the formulation

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