Aaron Carter, ‘LØVË’ Artist and Former Child Star, Dead at 34 | PEOPLE

The former child pop star known for his breakout album ‘Aaron’s Party’ was found dead Saturday morning at his home in Lancaster, Calif.

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Aaron Carter, ‘LØVË’ Artist and Former Child Star, Dead at 34 | PEOPLE



  1. So sad he didn’t have people around him that loved him enough to get him the help he needed. Died too young.

  2. lol poor kid living a life of hard drugs & partying killed him. "disease" yea cuz we dont choose this life. it forces itself onto us

  3. If one denies me before me, that one I will deny before my father in heaven. Heaven is real but so is hell. It's Christ or chaos

  4. I have a hard time feeling bad for druggies by choice. When they od they even get to go out in their pure bliss they love so much. I have an even harder time feeling bad for ones who had everything handed to them on a silver platter, wealth, fame, and still chose to do it.

  5. I feel so broken for this young man, you see I had this same problem, I started with drugs in my mid 30's with prescription pills. I went through all kinds of ways to get free of these things. I turn my life over to my Lord Jesus Christ, and a new beginning started, it didn't' happen all at once. I now am completely free of drugs, this action has worked and I can say it has made my life free, I no longer want or even have drugs, for those who are suffering with this terrible disease that there is hope in Christ.

  6. I can't believe he lived this long. He's just another sacrifice for the music industry and for his brother.

  7. The only thing more greater than the gift of life itself is salvation if one takes life for granted when having the finer things and being blessed with greatness then you are not worthy of life to begin with when you've made it and you still decide to end it all I don't give a crap about who hates or who respects me here the truth is just the truth if he were living everyday life he'd already be dead since he was obviously too weak to handle the good life which is why he clearly has shown he didn't deserve to live to begin with there's no sympathy here now that's that

  8. Most child stars can’t handle life when the attention dies off. The industry is to blame for it, the parents are to blame for it. Look at the three from different strokes.

  9. it amazes me how well we can all fake a happy mood , force a smile and survive it so often. humans are deceptive out of a survivalist mentality. my condolences go out to the family and loved ones who knew him best

  10. He looked like a heroin junkie there at the end. Good riddance. I had a cousin that was a junkie he was flattened by a drunk Mexican. The family has been better off since he's been gone.

  11. His struggles are over…. Not to sound harsh. but glad he didn't take someone with him…as happens nowadays..even their own kids.

  12. So many people dropping like flies all over the world. Death rates higher now than during the height of the plandemic. Boy was that mishandled but at least the elite are getting much richer .

  13. The original ip2 would never say anything negative on it. It ain’t the same group it used to be

  14. I am sorry for their loss, some of our kids grew up watching his music on TV, We have a son that would have been 34 yrs old, he also went down the same road as Aaron with drugs, Our son was robbed and killed almost 3 years ago. It hurts, we were there for him, the up's and downs were horrible, the worst thing a parent can do is blame themselves by saying only this or if we only did that, we did our best as parents, but drugs beat him. We no longer blame ourselves because it wasn't our fault, he chose that path and knew the consequences, he went a Christian school as a kid and church groups and trips, we loved him. 😔

  15. Our Pharmacies, Bars, Alcohol Establishments & a Godless Society are the cause of this.

  16. Where are you going after you die? Accept Jesus as your personal savior, He already died on the cross for your sins. REMEMBER THAT!
    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment Hebrews 9:27
    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

  17. Sad that he didn't get respect until he died. While he was alive people were mean AF to him so he spent all his time arguing with them on social media. Celebrities posting such nice things after watching him struggle with addiction for year's and never bothered to say those things when he was alive. Nick is a POS for being on tour

  18. He couldn't take not being famous anymore when all he had to do was break into acting or get a regular 9-5

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