A WRITER'S ODYSSEY Trailer (2022)

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Kongwen Lu is the author of a fantasy novel series following a heroic teenager, also named Kongwen, on a quest to end the tyrannical rule of Lord Redmane, under the guidance of a Black Armor. But through a strange twist of fate, the fantasy world of the novel begins to impact life in the real world, leading Guan Ning to accept a mission from Tu Ling to kill the author.

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A Writer’s Odyssey (2022) is the new action movie starring Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi and Dong Zijian.

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  1. It seems soooo cool !!! It was announced maybe one year ago already and I'm not sure but I think I found it few months ago in warez download and streaming

  2. Yes it is original movie. earlier It was not available in English dubbing. Now I wiill enjoy it

  3. Ich kann mit diesen Asia filmen einfach nichts anfangen. Russische Filme sind schon gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber die asiatischen Geschichten und das acting sind einfach nicht meins.
    Aber tolle Bilder stellenweise.

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