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This is the true story of Argyll v Argyll – one of the most notorious, extraordinary and brutal legal cases of the 20th century.⁣

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A Very British Scandal | Streaming from 26 December | BBC iPlayer

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  1. didn't even know this was a thing. I will watch ANYTHING with Claire Foy The Crown, Wolf Hall.. etc She's f* Brilliant

  2. It must be very hard for the descendants of the Duke of Argyll to have it made plain to the world what a piece of work he was.

  3. Upper crust sex and scandal palaver. Who cares? Bored after 10 minutes. Yet the baaing viewers hail it as the best thing since slice bread. Next the BBC will do an Andrew/Epstein saga and the sex starved masses will all zoom in. Sad! In unison, just like sheep, they all eulogise about Claire Foye and Paul Bethany until the next fad comes along. Even more sad!

  4. BBC on-line isn't available everywhere… (Given the Beeb's recent struggles maybe they should make it so???) It's no good having product of this quality if nobody much is going to view it… (Incidentally, for those interested in the specific story the biography 'The Grit In The Pearl' by Lyndsy Spence is a must read… It has some amazing lines… "They say you slept with your husband's entire regiment on a bet?" "Don't be ridiculous… Only the officers, dear…") xx SF

  5. Another garbage show produced in the name of 'female empowerment'. What a load of toss. There is literally nothing interesting about this woman's life apart from the fact that she was a Duchess and she was promiscuous. The first is a title she was born or married in to and the second is not reason to venerate someone. And as far as entertainment goes, it looks the same as any of the other hundred thousand crappy period pieces written for feminists and bored housewives.

  6. Only question in this plot is where are Margaret's two invisible children? I'm on Ep 3 and I haven't seen them yet

  7. What a superb Boxing Day treat. Marvellous script, acting, costumes, and locations. Good old BBC you can't beat it for quality drama.