A MAN CALLED OTTO Trailer (2023) Tom Hanks

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Otto, a grumpy and strict widower, holds the rest of his neighborhood to his staunch rules. But just as Otto is about to give up on his life, he sparks a new friendship with his neighbors, prompting him to undergo a transformation.

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A Man Called Otto (2023) is the new drama starring Tom Hanks, Mariana Treviño and Rachel Keller.

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  1. I just recently watched the original.can tell you right now,it’s better then this. Stop doing lame remakes of Scandinavian or French movies,they suck( the remakes).

  2. They basically showed the whole movie in this trailer. Grumpy man goes from being grumpy to being happy.

  3. Ah a nice heart warming family movie for the winter months in front of the fire or wrapped up in layer upon layer of clothes because we can't afford out electric or gas or oil 🤬

  4. Never read the book but that looks like a great movie and I love Tom Hanks. I will be seeing that when it comes out.

  5. That line at the end about it being the clown's fault, sounded and looked a lot like Clint Eastwood was saying it…

  6. It's another theft of european movie !!! If u wanna watch the original go and find a swedish movie from 2015 y. called "A Man Called Ove" !!! Come on HOLLYWOOD u can't come with something original ???

  7. Why do Americans always need to make a remake of a european movie that is already perfect on its own?

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