1. Hope this brings the original “A Man Called Ove” more attention, both book and movie were spectacular. I was bawling my eyes out.

  2. Okay I'll watch any movie Tom Hanks is in. But at the end, the cat just nailed it. You see, that cat is a Maine Coon, like my cat. But my cat is orange and looks exactly like a miniature lion. But he also owns the bed and is as cute as that kitty. So, yes, although I HATE almost all monies coming out now, THIS movie I WILL watch. And I'm sure I'll love it. Long live Tom Hanks and his cat.

  3. You know there's something wrong with the modern world when Hollywood boosts a character's relatability by making him suicidal

  4. Love Tom Hanks but the original “A Man Called Ove” was so touching. Wish Hollywood quit doing remakes🤨

  5. I like movies that are all about me and how this world has turned into a cess pool and how life continues and my life won't eventually. I imagine this is going to be learn how to smile more which is always what I hear.

  6. Who would have ever thought the skinny kid from ‘Bosom Buddies’ would become one of our greatest and most beloved actors?

  7. I love movies like this! I already know I'll cry when I watch it 😂. I'm glad Tom Hanks keeps making movies that are heartwarming 💜. I don't see a lot of movies like this anymore.

  8. I didn't care for the book, or the original version of this movie. I couldn't get through either so I'll pass.

  9. Omg im from sweden, I LOVE THE SWEDISH VERSION, one of my favorit swedish films
    Cant w8 for this omg 😍🤩

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