A Man Called Otto Trailer #1 (2022)

Check out the Official Trailer for A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks!

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Select Theaters: December 25, 2022
US Release Date: January 13, 2023
Starring: Cameron Britton, Mike Birbiglia, Tom Hanks
Director: Marc Forster
Synopsis: Otto, a crotchety, irritable, and fiercely strict widower, lives a lonely life, judging everyone he sees. When he forms an unlikely friendship with his new neighbors, Otto begins to change.

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  1. Americans just stop being lazy and WATCH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE, READING SUBTITLES WILL NOT KILL YOU!!!

  2. Hanks has said he's only made four or so really great movies. I don't think this is going to be number 5. Just watch As Good As it Gets, maybe Gran Torino and call it a day….

  3. Ugh – why do the Americans (and I am one) have to keep remaking things for the American audience? This was an awesome original movie from the book. Go watch it instead!

  4. I just think it's stupid that Americans keep redoing awesome foreign movies just because they're too lazy (or entitled?) to read the damn subtitles. We didn't need an American version of 'Millennium' or 'The secret in their eyes', and we didn't need this as well.

  5. Watch the original guys, if not before, at least after. It's a typical Swedish movie. Bleak and trying to be funny, about a sour old man. Just like people in Stockholm.

  6. This looks like Everybody's Fine, Last Chance Harvey, A Hologram for the King, The Wrestler, and Solitary Man all put together..🎥🏘

  7. Not buying Hanks as a grumpy old man. Watch the original please, Rolf Lassgård executes that role perfectly

  8. Looks like a decent enough adaptation. I wonder who is gonna play the evil "white shirts boss". I'd love for it to be the CIA guy from Harold and Kumar 2, the bald guy.

  9. Go SWEDEN 👍🏼🙏🏼
    Its lovely to see how a swedish wrighter do a book and then the book become a movie with Tom Hanks.
    /proud sweden citizent.🤘

  10. So that everyone know, this is a copy of a Swedish movie. 🙂 go and watch that one first 🙂

  11. Yeah, en man som heter Ove (A man called Ove) is sooo good so I’m excited about the American version

  12. Looks like they are desperately trying to capture the same quirkiness and charm of the original and it's not working.

  13. Just watch the original version. The actor playing him did amazing, Tom Hanks doesn't give me great acting vibe in this, he just sounds bored and uninspired.

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