A Man Called Otto Exclusive Trailer (2022)

Check out the Official Exclusive Trailer for A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks!

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Select Theaters: December 25, 2022
US Release Date: January 13, 2023
Starring: Cameron Britton, Mike Birbiglia, Tom Hanks
Director: Marc Forster
Synopsis: Otto, a crotchety, irritable, and fiercely strict widower, lives a lonely life, judging everyone he sees. When he forms an unlikely friendship with his new neighbors, Otto begins to change.

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  1. Hanks isn't even trying in this movie. Go watch the original movie, that guy is much more endearing.

  2. Saw this it was called Gran Torino. Wow. Tom is really stretching I almost didn't know it was him!

  3. I feel like Tom Hanks in this movie isn´t as grumpy as the grumpy old man in "A man called Ove". Like that guy really was the perfect old grumpy man. Tom Hanks even when grumpy still is likeable in this trailer, which I think goes against the premise of the film. Like you´re supposed to hate the man at first and slowly start to understand and like him.

  4. Great that it's Tom Hanks but why do they have to keep making remakes? It's like the US can't tolerate other languages/read subs. But it's fine, just weird and I'd rather watch any original in such a case. But let's go Sweden!

  5. This trailer actually looks ok, though I still don't understand the need for americanisation. The original book by Frederick Backman is amazing, go read it

  6. One of the best actors but couldn’t hide his outrage when Hollywood pedos were made fun of, interesting

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