“A Forgotten Conflict”: Sahrawi Activists Slam Moroccan Greenwashing Amid Western Sahara Occupation

As climate Sahrawi activists in occupied Western Sahara accuse Morocco of greenwashing, the Spanish Film Academy, the Spanish equivalent to the Oscars, has just given its social justice award to the Western Sahara International Film Festival and its film school. We feature our interview at the U.N. climate summit with Mahfud Bechri, who explains how Morocco sells the natural resources and wealth of Western Sahara without the consent of the Sahrawi people as part of an effort to greenwash its military occupation of Western Sahara, and his larger campaign to demand companies end complicity with the occupation. The new social justice award from the Spanish Film Academy recognizes how Spanish support for the Moroccan occupation has led to “a complete media blockade” of the conflict, says María Carrión, executive director of FiSahara, the Western Sahara International Film Festival.

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  1. Its a Moroccan land. Francisco Franco the Spanish dictator said in 1975 that the Sahraouis have Moroccan roots, and historically a Moroccan territory . Morocco gained its Sahara in 1975. The US recognizes the Saharan territory Moroccan.

  2. Israel needs to be held accountable! Shooting an American Palestinian journalist is not acceptable!

  3. Democracy now needs to go to the West Bank immediately! The Palestinians are being slaughtered!

    mr morocco came to my house. he threw me out and made me live in a tent. then he sold all of my stuff and kept all the money. He made me live in a desolate part of the desert. i thought it was bad not being able to wash my hands and having to dig a hole outside my tent to poop until mr morocco started selling the sand from beneath my feet. save the world peace and love this is why politics today makes me feel like the cover of the book cowsandpigsmaketheearthwarm with trump and uncle sam tug of warring the earth over the pit of hell with covid bats flying out end disparity

  5. If Spain really cares about self-determination so badly, why they hold Catalonia hostage under Spain while they wanted to split.

  6. The Sahraouis are still suffering because the USA was afraid that a Sovereign Western Sahara will be under the influence of soviets. There are no soviets left and Algeria is and has always been against military bases in the region. Why not let the Sahraouis decide if they want to be free or join Morocco. Algeria is non-aligned, has a good army and can guarantee that there would be no foreign military bases in Western Sahara. But Fance and Spain are the countries benefiting from the plunder that Morocco organizes. The don’t want that to stop. Don not forget that France helped and was involved in the war in Western Sahara to help Morocco bombing the sahraouis and chasing them to the refugee camps across the border.

  7. Actually every conflict is eventually forgotten, or say institutionally laid to waste. So is Palestine, so is Kashmir.
    However this woke bullshit white american media is here to make money – nothing else much. They occupy our attention with botched agendas every day of the week.

  8. The women and men from Western Sahara are very grateful for FISAHARA and Democracy Now and hundreds of ONGs alll over the world for their support and solidarity with our peaceful People who is still struggling for living freely and independent in their dear homeland because unfortunatelly the international community wants to silence our struggle against the agressors and occupiders of our country, that is why it is considered as the Africa´s last colony. We will overcome sooner or later….

  9. The Spanish sahara's division between Mauritania and Morocco gives control of enormous phosphate fertiliser deposits that feed the world. Like oil why do the locals have to suffer?

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  11. Why can't you say the truth that Sahrawis are free to go back home anytime as long as Algeria/Polisario let them cross to the other side …, indeed many lucky Sahrawis illegaly crossed to Morocco where they are welcome back home …. Many others chose to stay in the Sahara and never left their homes … and they all are contributing to the development and prosperity of the Sahara … Meanwhile you keep spreading fake news and leftist and neo cololnialist propaganda…. I guess the cold war is still on and obviously you prefer to keep them warehoused in camps in the Algerian Sahara for another 50 years …

  12. The Moroccan Sahara was and will always remain Moroccan until god inherits earth and what is on it.
    ولا غالب إلا الله

  13. Do not up grade your phone money talks locking ppl at work tells all oh my dont go home you may get sick so we well be sure to keep you well its very sad in 2022 we do intenatal women day be lock doors and fire.killed the womem the were traped very sad and stupid no forward just back wards

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