7500 Trailer (2020) Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plane Hijacking Movie HD

7500 Trailer (2020) Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plane Hijacking Movie HD

PLOT: A pilot’s aircraft is hijacked by terrorists and they hold his wife hostage to gain access to the cockpit.

CAST: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omid Memar, Passar Hariky, Hicham Sebiai

7500 arrives on Prime Video June 19.

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  1. I wonder if I'd actually take my chances and fight them off. Hopefully I got a crew of capable passengers behind me backing me up. I'm not much of a fighter whatsoever…….yeah I'd probably die.

  2. Pilots should say something like “People I’m gonna roller coaster this Bitch in 1 minute”,Dumb ass Terrorists would have no clue.

  3. Some friends of mine saw this movie months ago in a Sneak Preview showing. Apparently it was terrible. My expectations are lowered substantially.

  4. Above everything else keep that door shut no matter what happens keep it shut you flying this plane is all that stops another 911 from ever happening again safe sky's people be safe!

  5. Or even better but dumber enemy in the isles everyone else in their seats seatbelts on pull the stick back flat on jerks back!

  6. Bruh even if they had guns and knives, I'll take my chances fighting rather than siting there getting abused and die anyways.

  7. It’s just a knife lol, there’s a whole plane full of people.
    Would you rather risk a few stab wounds or risk the chance of surviving a plane crash??
    Man the fuck up and run them hands.

  8. JGL is a great actor who knows how to play a role well. Happy to see him in something after a couple years

  9. If we want to survive climate change we must do more than we are doing to fight covid and more than we do to fight police oppression.
    Now. Not tomorrow. Now.

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