1. I have written a pair of dinosaur books on amazon that are part of an ongoing series called The Kaligen Experiment. It also is a scary horror-driven story about dinosaurs. Here is the synopsis:

    "Dr. Edgar Crews was a young autistic prodigy who wanted to change the world. He gets his chance when he participates in the most ambitious and elaborate ecological experiment in the history of mankind. Edgar's contribution results in the creation of a new breed of dinosaurs unlike any the planet has ever seen. For a decade, the experiment goes swimmingly until it is sabotaged by a group of extremists. Now, Edgar and his research team must escape from the very primeval ecosystem they created. Along the way, they encounter evolutionary mutations no one has ever dreamed of. Follow a band of survivors as they endure the hike from hell!"

  2. That large predator Dinosaur 🦖 might be a lot scarier than Giganotosaurus (Jurassic world)

  3. Why do all these films lately have the same feel/look to them?
    Hollywood is making products now, not art.

  4. I can never get over seeing humans running around with dinosaurs. We would suffocate in the atmosphere they breathed.

  5. Crazy thing this is plausible scientists think we only been here for thousands of years 10-50k but with so much time we could have been wiped out and restarted over & over like people who built pyramids they say they did it with rope & copper tools lmfao ancient cultures were hughly advanced we just lost the tech imo. Cant wait to watch this very cool concept also why havent they made a Turok movie yet ?

  6. I want to make it clear that I hate the trope of "humans didn't evolve on Earth, we came from another planet".
    And I still fully intend to watch this because it looks great.

  7. Yeah, I won't be boasting about 'writers from A quiet place'. The sequel was disappointing. 👎👎😝😝

  8. So they was in a spaceship that went back in time . i hope they show the build up not just they've arrived

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