65 Official Trailer (2023) Adam Driver Sci-Fi Movie HD

An astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he’s not alone.

65 Official Trailer (2023) Adam Driver Sci-Fi Movie HD
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  1. -Looks interesting but I can’t wait for the book “Project Hail Mary” to come out in theaters. Haven’t been this excited for a movie since Dune & Blade runner 2049 & Interstellar.

  2. So they went back in time or something? i mean how the fuck does this work?🤷‍♂seems dumb.

  3. This looks awesome! What a unique idea, kind of like the origins of the anarchy and the star people that started civilisation in the Middle East. (If they were real maybe they came across things like this 🤣)

  4. Looks way better than that other movie about 2 scifi people stranded on planet earth with monsters, Will and Jaden Smith's After Earth, if anybody still remembers that turkey of a movie.

  5. This looks dope aside from the quick shot of the asteroids falling I mean cmon he just happened to land there the mounth of extinction?

  6. I'm assuming the concept is 2 humanoids land on prehistoric earth and inadvertantly become adam and eve. If not that, than time travel is involved which is not as cool a concept. Love the idea of a society capable of space travel existing 65 million years ago and crash landing on earth.

  7. Oh this is just awesome and it is exactly what I wanted…and exactly the type of Dinosaur movie that we all need right now…

    Ok, now about the Dinosaurs, here's what I think:

    1. That is most definitely a T-Rex or an unknown variant of a T-Rex with bigger hands…would definitely like to see an Allosaurus also…

    2. The 2 Dromaeosaurids are most probably the none feathered variants of Deinonychus and Velociraptor as the climate around that steamy, swampy area appears to be really hot and humid and feathers would just make it worse for any land dwelling animal living in such an Ecosystem…

    3. The giant River Monster is definitely a Rhizodont…a giant prehistoric fresh water fish…Oh, I just can't wait…

  8. I have written a pair of dinosaur books that are part of an ongoing series called The Kaligen Experiment. It also is a scary horror-driven story about dinosaurs. Here is the synopsis:

    "Dr. Edgar Crews was a young autistic prodigy who wanted to change the world. He gets his chance when he participates in the most ambitious and elaborate ecological experiment in the history of mankind. Edgar's contribution results in the creation of a new breed of dinosaurs unlike any the planet has ever seen. For a decade, the experiment goes swimmingly until it is sabotaged by a group of extremists. Now, Edgar and his research team must escape from the very primeval ecosystem they created. Along the way, they encounter evolutionary mutations no one has ever dreamed of. Follow a band of survivors as they endure the hike from hell!"

  9. the question is why someone decides to film a movie about dinosaurs with only two human charcaters…? there's nobody to die

  10. I think Adam Driver is better suited for sci-fi roles and action roles than the repeated dramas he keeps doing.

  11. That’s the same opening sequence for Pitch Black (Vin Diesel’s Riddick). I’ll still watch it tho.

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