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40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy explores the long-term multi-generational effects of the mass-killings in Indonesia in …

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25 thoughts on “40 Years of Silence – An Indonesian Tragedy | Full Documentary Movie | The Midnight Screening”
  1. if degung at the 1965 are 5 years Child and the trauma child wanted to revenge burn by gas to other house on his confession_the question when at time this talk are made cause that trauma boy and degung are deffrent age, for the java people and the balinesse are contra for the long past of century_for the java people in central or east area is progress of number member party for the PKI_degung or the trauma boy are look like central java people of face's..the war tribe of balinesse to the java are reduced again in this party of PKI_on jokowi Presidential wanted change jakarta is not to be a Capitol Citties of Indonesia State_for 7 sin 'the greedy' sign of rezim do_the rezim wanted to get money for Corrupting of jakarta budget outcome billing same like war tribe to the balinesse people by the java like u know a lot of money there in bali tourism

  2. Being a child growing up during that period of time, I would have to say it is a very successful propaganda … it is so scary come to think of it how the regime then managed to brain washed majority of Indonesia’s population.

  3. The PKI is Communist which must be eradicated, otherwise Indonesia will become a communist country like what happened in China, communists are very sadistic and evil, we will see what is happening now, how many people in China were killed by the ruling communist party. now ? Uyghur Muslims for example, Fallun Gong and all religious people in China. The latent danger of the PKI still exists and Indonesia must be vigilant

  4. Indonesian history are been known for mass killing of its inhabitants. The government blames their problems on their ppl then SLAUGHTERED them with no mercy
    This country is sick

  5. Seharusnya cukup dengan Penangkapan Mereka2 yang terlibat G30S…tapi kemudian beralih menjadi pembunuhan massal pendukung PKI…udah jelas ada dukungan CIA dan Amerika dibelakang pembersihan komunis di indonesia…

  6. Before (1948-1965), the PKI (Communists) killed and massacred many people, police, soldiers, officials, religious figures with sadism. The PKI (Communists) also seized state land, carried out insurgency and many other crimes.

  7. Cari tahu tentang :

    1. Perang Dingin
    Uni Soviet vs Amerika Serikat

    2. Komunis vs Kapitalis
    3. Teori Domino
    4. Aktivitas CIA di Indonesia
    5. Propaganda

  8. Wow, I have no words to describe how I feel for all the victims. Especially that young boy, I wish him all the other victims peace and love always.

  9. Communists are bad people and if they were not killed they would have killed more people because of their dangerous ideology

  10. Wow this was very interesting but emotional, I think it’s important to learn about the history of this, but it’s hard to understand how people can be so ruthless.

  11. How many more times is this going to happen? This documentary exposes how easy it is to turn one group against another. It's been done so often in history and it always leads to mass graves. Listening to what people went through and their feelings about those experiences, horrific as they are, can be the best teacher we can have. Listen closely.

  12. 2021 – 1965 = 56 years! 😄
    sejarah kisah nyata yg sangat mengerikan yg dikisahkan oleh bbrp anak2 korban… kecuali anak berbaju hijau & kakaknya.

    jd bertanya; bapak mereka umur berapa? 😃

  13. All of this happen because of the western world and what they did after WWII to stop working class people from having power, they wanted puppets in government and to control people. It's not just the Indonesia where this happens, it was happening all over Asia, mass murder of Communist (both Capitalist and Socialist Communist) and unionist and all on the say so of the western world capitalist

  14. Propaganda by the media, We still cannot automatically trust what we hear, read, or even see especially from the main stream media. Don't be deceived..

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