20th Century Girl | Teaser | Netflix

Observing the BFF’s crush

From a first love point of view📝

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20TH CENTURY GIRL I October 21, only on Netflix

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  1. Aaaahhhh…I'm sooooo curious about this.. I'm so excited..nervous….. Eagerly waiting for this.

  2. I am definetely watching this! The music ost for this trailer are already chef kiss. Say yes by Nick Nolan and Starting by Park Kiyoung. Nostalgic feels

  3. Am I the only one here who IMMEDIATELY thought of the webtoon from the kdrama Today's Webtoon? 🤣✋ But daaaamn I'm super excited for Kim Yoojung's new project!! 🧡

  4. Some of the comments here were damn funny, if you do not want sad endings perhaps you should skip this. We don't know yet what the ending is but first love, puppy love, or young love it's not always a happy ending of course because, in reality, most people don't end up with their first love. When watching a love story it's not always about the ending but how the story makes you relate to the story (especially the nostalgic feeling of having your first love). Whether it's sad or not, it's better to have a realistic ending.

  5. This trailer giving us 2521 vibe😍
    No matter if it will have sad or happy ending… We are waiting for it to root💖

  6. It's giving 2521 but with a different tone of the story line. Will definitely watch this♥️

  7. You should listen to the music as well. It's 'Start' from Park Ki-Young. Great song in millennium era

  8. reminds me of 2521 so bad. they got the same nostalgia vibe
    anyways, kim youjong never disappoints!

  9. Are we getting some 2521 ending again??? Nooooo, please not this time. Youjung fighting! 🥹🥹🥹

  10. omg finally! I’ve been waiting for this.The trailer is compelling and the osts are catchy.Can’t wait to watch it and meet the characters especially Na BoRa 🥰

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