1. I don't t want to close my eyes.
    I don't want fall asleep cause I want to watch and I don't want to miss a thing.

  2. seriously, is it kind of cult to this kind of movies or what? I mean they still make these again and again

  3. Armageddon 1998: a movie about asteroid that going to destroy earth
    Armageddon 2023: lame movie about monsters that going destroy the earth

  4. I pray to Lucifer that people who make this kind of garbage change careers and become Marvel movie writers.

  5. Holllllly molly hahahaha , I'd rather watch animated series with the same plot ….. Pacific rim downgraded multiple times 😅

  6. Is Asylum slowly running out of ideas?… I'm still waiting for the next Sharknado series, 10-headed Shark attack or 3 Lava 3 Lantula :D😆

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