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The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to two human rights groups, the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine and Memorial in Russia, as well as imprisoned Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski. The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised their work criticizing power and protecting fundamental human rights in neighboring countries torn apart by war. We speak to Anna Dobrovolskaya, who served as executive director of Memorial Human Rights Center in Moscow, part of the Nobel-winning group Memorial, before it was shut down by the Russian government. “People can see this as a common victory for civil society, not just in Russia,” says Dobrovolskaya. We also speak with Ole von Uexküll, executive director of the Stockholm-based Right Livelihood Award Foundation; all of Friday’s Nobel winners are also previous Right Livelihood laureates, known informally as the “alternative Nobel Peace Prize.” The hope of these international awards is that Belarus will “immediately release Ales Bialiatski” and that Russia will stop their legal persecution of human rights organizations, says von Uexküll.

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  1. Her name is Shireen Abu Aklah, a professional journalist murdered by the IDF while reporting from Palestine.

  2. My God the Trump nuts are everywhere. Next I'll be replacing Jesus on the cross with a trump

  3. Nobel prizes dont mean much anymore. We know. It's appeal to authority propaganda. Hard pass.

  4. You have no rights in a democracy. You are part of the majority or part of the minority. You are not an individual person with individual rights. The Founders of the US and authors of the Constitution and bill of rights understood that. Thus…A Constitutional Republic, where people have rights.

  5. The Nobel peace prize lost all credibility when they gave it to Obama a war mongers drone striking villages full of civilians

  6. shows how backwards and incoherent to common law civilization is given a prize to someone in jail

  7. I'm just here to drink the tears of crying MAGAts whining that Trump deserved a Nobel peace prize🥂😉

  8. When the Nobel Peace Prize went to Yasser Arafat, an unrepentant terrorist that prize became meaningless.
    Al Gore and Obama winning the same prize didn’t help its reputation either.

  9. Obama won this POS prize of "peace" by getting the US into 2 wars……lol, what a joke. Nobody nominated Hitler this year at the Pulitzer?

  10. "Democracy" Now! Because you can’t get 'news' like Pravda and Izvestia produced under the Soviet Union anywhere else anymore.

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