2 MINUTES OF FAME Official Trailer (2020) Keke Palmer, Comedy Movie HD

2 MINUTES OF FAME Official Trailer (2020) Keke Palmer, Comedy Movie HD

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An up-and-coming stand-up comic moves to L.A. to pursue a film career after video clips of his act make him an online sensation.

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  1. Better than I expected. Very entertaining and great pacing. A lot of comedy cameos and they work well. Great writing and acting. I give it 3.5 out of five. Great date night flick full of laughs. The trailer doesn't do it justice.

  2. Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy now these guys are natural comedian,, Jay Pharoah you're not.Sorry bruh,, besides impersonations you don't have it. Plus it was a lot of talent in this movie but it seemed like a B rated flick,, Come on my people we can do way better. The teacher said you have to get your son a piano not a flu or trumpet but a damn piano "What the hell"

  3. This movie is a buy! If one doesn't understand the premise of this show they are as brainwashed as your oppressors want you to be! Never have I seen a movie as representative to humanity as this show! This movie is not what you think…..another boofonery!
    Thank you Katt Williams!
    This movie mark you as a legend!
    To all up and coming entrepreneurs…..heed the warning message in this movie!

  4. An amazing cast, mind blowing the amount of talent in this film, however, it feel like the producer's budget was low and the writers department was weak.. the best thing about this film was katt Williams and all the goats that pulled up to help.. this is not a shoot down. Just be better next time please.